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Our Products

We serve many high-end brands in the world. Our products include color boxes, gift boxes. paper cards, paper trays, environmentally friendly packaging, functional packaging, and tailor-made packaging solutions for industries including electronics, daily necessities, cosmetics, tourism and leisure, Our packaging products come with market competitiveness, high-quality services, and add-on values to our client's branding.

Prepress Operation

Prepress operation involves with a complete set of prepress plate making system, box prototype and advanced software and the cutting edge CTP. to achieve the integration process from design to box type and from design to PS plate output.
To solve the most pressing issue in the printing industry. We introduced the GMG digital color management system pre-printing to keep the colors of digital and printed files consistent with colors shown on computer screens. As such, we can easily and accurately transfer colors between spaces and achieve the effect that what you see is what you get.

Printing Operation

Color gamut expansion technology allows an authentic and premium visual experience
Highly vibrant colors are the top eye-catchers to the consumers, delivering vivid visual stimulus.
Gamut expansion enables targeted promotion towards specific demographics and visual differentiation from other average products.
With a wide range of color density and gamut, more personalized requirements from clients are met.

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GMI Certification
Ningbo Sinso Paper Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been developing for 20 years without the support and help of its partners. Since its inception, it has established the concept of creating value, common development and long-term cooperation with partners. Cherish the partners of business and social welfare with their own business philosophy and values, and hope to maintain a close, candid, equal and mutually beneficial relationship with them for a long time.

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